slt-ing with mrs. why knot.

I did it! I survived my first SLT class at SLT Rye Brook! Now you may remember a previous post about this fab fitness studio that is catching on to all local residents since making it’s debut in the Rye Ridge Shopping Center.


A friend of mine swears by SLT which made me even more pumped to try out a class that she was taking. I was even more excited since I had been wanting to try out a class with instructor Marisa after hearing so much hype about how great she is! Want to know my thoughts? Here is the good and the ‘sore’ of it!

First off, I LOVE the layout of the studio. With a fitness class like SLT, which focuses on strengthening, lengthening and toning, it is awesome that the setting is meant for a small group. You each get your own ‘megaformer’ – pilates type workout machine. Marisa quickly showed me how to use the machine (which is actually not nearly as hard as it looks by the way.) She was also really good about helping me change the spring system based on the moves she was calling out. The megaformer takes a little getting used to but in a good way. I liked having the ability to work off my own machine and eventually could notice even just at the end of one session, how I became more familiar and comfortable using it.

It was 50 minutes of an intense, full-body workout that was as challenging as you wanted to make it. Marisa often referred her more advanced SLT-ers to amp up their workout by changing up their form or switching up their moves in a more challenging way. She was equally as helpful to new students and would come over and correct my form when necessary (and yes, I needed it!.)

The only thing that made Marisa’s instructing even better was the music! Loud, fast, beats coupled with her amazing motivating voice and encouraging words definitely helped keep me focused and pushing myself. She made everyone feel comfortable in her class and made waking up on a Saturday morning and spending it at SLT worth my while.

I will say this – I began feeling sore the following day but the day after that was even more. It was a good sore – and all over body sore and one that makes you realize how many muscles you actually did work out in such a short time period. Where else can you do that? Most times people want a quick fix and fast results. Walking on a treadmill for hours upon hours never made me feel the way I did after my first SLT class. It was challenging, fun, motivating and most of all – QUICK! The time flew by so fast! Looking forward to my next class. Thank you SLT Rye Brook and Marisa!

If you haven’t already – definitely check in to taking a class. Tell them Mrs. Why Knot sent you! Check back soon for a surprise collaboration from Mrs. Why Knot + SLT Rye Brook – why knot?!

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feature friday: SLT rye brook.

RISE & SHINE – it’s Friday! Today, the spotlight is on SLT Rye Brook – a fitness studio that offers a fab new way to get your body wedding ready. Read on to find out more!


Information as submitted by SLT:

Company Name- SLT


Facebook- (if applicable)

Twitter- @sltnyc

Contact #/Email- 516 244 6392 /

Business Description- SLT is a fitness studio with locations in Rye Brook and Scarsdale that offers 50- minutes of heart-pumping music, muscle quivering, and total body strengthening, lengthening and toning in an inspiring, small-group setting (only up to 10 people per class). SLT offers a total-body program that melds together cardio training, weight-bearing activity and Pilates to create a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind fitness program that burns calories rapidly and allows you to sculpt your physique in ways traditional exercise cannot.

Wedding Services Offered- Get that bridal body! We can help you get there and recommend taking 3 classes/week.

Short & Sweet Advice for the Brides- Strengthen, Lengthen and Tone will help you get the body you want for your wedding day, trust us!

A BIG thanks to SLT for sharing their information with us. Be sure to check them out for your next workout and stay tuned for a future post on my experience at SLT – why knot?!

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allison nelson for stella & dot {review}.

I had the very pleasure of receiving some fabulous jewelery pieces from a *new* Stella & Dot line – engraveables. Allison Nelson, Stella & Dot stylist, reached out to me spreading the word about this fabulous and creative line. My favorite thing about the entire collection is that it’s customizable. You can create pieces that are personalized to your initials, your special dates, your memorable phrases etc. The options are literally endless. There are also add-on pieces that further make it a design of your own!

For my two pieces, I chose a gold bar necklace with the engraving of my wedding date (9.10.11.) I love that the roman numerals of my wedding date are the same backwards and fowards (yes, yes, OCD kicking in) so I did a roman numeral block lettering.

For my second piece, I chose a silver dogtag with the initials of my husband (JP) my daughter (AP) and my own (JP). I did block lettering and stacked the initials. I added a ‘key’ as an add-on to my dog tag and thought it was a great addition, like ‘the key to my heart.’

My thoughts? The collection as a whole is in my opinion one of the best things I have seen from a business such as Stella & Dot. People love customizing EVERYTHING – so why not jewelery! The gold bar necklace is the perfect length, comfortable to wear and the engraving stands out. I absolutely love it! The dog tag shown in the booklets and advertisements appears a lot larger than the one I received. However, once I started wearing it, I like the delicacy of it. I would suggest adding a few more add-ons to your chain if you go with styling this piece. I LOVE the way I chose the lettering to show on it, and how I have my daughters initials in between my husband’s and my own. Did I mention how much I LOVED the packaging?? Check it out in my picture below:


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rustic luxe.

Is it just me or do you find yourself falling more and more in love with the entire season once September approaches? The boots, the leaves, the apple and pumpkin picking, the seasonal decor and specialty foods – I LOVE it all! Being that I was a September bride, I was shocked that I went more for the rustic look and not so pumpkin-ish (which is one of my absolute faves.) Just recently, while browsing on Pinterest I came across some images that join together the rustic freshness and luxe elegance look to a fall-inspired wedding. Take a peek and don’t forget to follow our Pinterest page for more fall pin-spiration – why knot?!

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feature friday: stella & dot by allison nelson.

Happy FRIDAY September lovers! Today, the spotlight is on a local business that specializes in custom, engravable keepsake jewelery. Read on to find out more – why knot?!

Company Name- Stella & Dot by Allison Nelson

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LDWeekend weddings.

Labor Day Weekend is right around the corner! Can you believe that the summer has flown by as quickly as it has? As a note for all ‘three-day-weekend’ wedding brides, try to consider these helpful hints to get the most out of your offsite, extended wedding weekend planning – why knot?!

a9d9161d3c769b003f7a940d1fb35499EXTENDED STAY PUH-LEASE! Book a venue that offers accommodations for your guests that are interested in making it a true getaway for that particular weekend.

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