1st birthday shoot: lynda renee photography.

A few weeks back, our spotlight was on Lynda Renee Photography during a feature friday post. More recently, I had the pleasure of working with Lynda on Alessia’s first birthday shoot (yes, I cannot believe my little girl is going to be ONE!) Read on to find out more about my experience working with Lynda – why knot?!

Ever since Alessia came into the world, she had her fair share of smiles with me and my husband. If you know anything about the two of us, we are far from serious! It was so ironic that when we were out and about Alessia would have the most serious face on all times – looking, observing, watching, admiring everyone and every thing. So when my sister decided to gift a first birthday shoot for Alessia I joked around saying why bother – she probably won’t even smile! Who knew that those pictures would be the best ones?!

So at an early 10 months, Lynda photographed little miss serious and I can’t rave enough about the outcome! Lynda added mock set-ups to our apartment and set the stage for Alessia to be the center-of-attention. Lynda’s talent, along with her way of communicating with babies, helped make this shoot even better. I will say, my husband and I danced around like fools, singing and playing and trying to squeeeeeze out a smile or two. I can’t imagine loving the pics anymore than I do!

Lynda made us all feel very comfortable and I couldn’t believe how fast the time went by. She also sent me a preview that night and I was in awe with how gorgeous (and grown up) our little love was! Lynda is very professional, efficient and enjoyable to work with. Here’s a peek at some of my personal favorites from the photo shoot. I look forward to working with her again! Thanks, Lynda!


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the right questions to ask.

Check out today’s guest blog post by Something Blue Events on the perfect questions to include when venue shopping!


When planning your wedding at a Catering Hall, their list of inclusions often seems all-inclusive, but you’ll want to be sure that what they’re providing is in line with what you need for your specific event.

As wedding and event planners, we visit new venues all the time, and ask dozens of questions about their capabilities, requirements, guidelines, offerings, and general approach toward events.

If you’re planning your event on your own, you probably already have an idea of the questions you will be asking (how much everything costs, whether you can have your ceremony onsite, how many guests can fit) but here is a quick list of top questions to ask, that you may not have thought of, to make sure you have all the information you need to plan your event:

-        Maximum Seated Capacity – It’s important to ask this question, but you’ll also need to ask “what is the maximum seated capacity, when a dance floor is set up?” Sometimes, caterers give you a number, but because you didn’t know to ask about the dance floor, your expectations of capacity might be different from theirs. Make sure you ask both questions.

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feature: canvas champ.

Why wait til Friday for our latest feature? Today, the spotlight is on Canvas Champ a discounted canvas resource for all of your photo-needs. I received a canvas print from Canvas Champ of a SUPER sweet picture of Miss Alessia.  The turnaround time for the printing was great (just a few days before it shipped) and it arrived in perfect condition and thoroughly wrapped. When I opened it, I was very impressed by the quality and how the canvas print wraps around the edges making it perfect for hanging!


The canvas is clear and vibrant. It is a great addition to Alessia’s nursery. As you can see, just before hanging it in her room, she had her eyes set on her beautiful self! Our silly little girl!


Thanks again Canvas Champ!

Be sure to check out Canvas Champ and try creating canvases from your own favorite prints – why knot?!

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double dose of a giveaway.

As your summer is off to a hot and sticky start – we’ve got a double dose of a giveaway from our friends at Punkwife.com and The Flip Flop Bitch which is sure to cool off two summer woes.

Aching tootsies which have been shoved in the highest of heels + beach book boredom are two problems SOLVED with this joint giveaway! Click the link to find out how you can be in it to win it – why knot?! CLICK HERE TO ENTER!



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home is where…the fiance is? {dear bridal diary}

Guest blogger and bride-to-be, Daniela, is at it again – can you relate to her bridal diary of ‘making the move?’ Read on to see how her transition went!

I’m a homebody. Always have been. I didn’t dorm when I went to college, I didn’t move out on my own to “find myself” when I started working, I’ve lived at my parents’ home for these 28 years (minus my 2 study abroads, but I’ll get to that). I could never understand the need/want to leave the nest at a young age and be away from family. Why would I voluntarily give up home cooked meals every night, Nonna’s pastina when I was sick or had surgery, and movie nights by the fire place in the winter with my parents? My parents’ house was my sanctuary, the place where I felt the most comfortable and safe, my favorite place in the world, as it should be.

I knew I’d have to move out of my parents’ home when I got married, but I didn’t think I’d meet my soon-to-be husband completely out of the blue at 26 years old and that time would go so fast- none of it was in my plan! I was convinced I’d be at least 30 before settling down with someone because there were/are so many thing I want to do in life (including going abroad again), but apparently fate had other plans for me.
And so began the process of packing up pieces of my life and putting them into boxes. I’ve done it twice before – in 2006, when I moved to Italy for 4 months in undergrad, and in 2010, when I moved to Paris for 2 years to get my Masters. I can’t tell you the tears that were shed, especially when I left for Italy since it was my first time ever leaving my home. I felt guilty for leaving my family, like I was being a bad daughter for leaving the country for extended periods of time. What if something happened while I was gone? What if they needed me? Would they be lonely? Would they lose sleep worrying about me?
The same internal conflict arose when I was getting ready to move in with my fiance recently, except this move would be permanent. Studying abroad is temporary, you go home after x amount of time, and that helped me get through each experience. Little did I know the torment I’d put myself through when the time came to create my own home. It was always so exciting to think about when you were young; you dreamt about what your future home would look and feel like, but dreaming and doing are two completely different things with totally different thoughts/feelings/emotions.
I’ve spoken to married friends and family about it and they all went through the same thing. The first night they cried themselves to sleep (as did I) and they’d go back home to visit often, but it took about a good year to really go through the mourning process. Don’t get me wrong, I love living with my fiance and picking out paint colors and furniture and having my own space that I can do anything with. But am I sad that I won’t wake up to my mom setting up breakfast on the patio outside on Saturdays in the summer? Sure. But it doesn’t mean those days have to end, they will just be limited. Do I miss my parents and worry about them, and visa versa? Yes, but I see them at least once a week and we speak every day. I know that my parents’ home will always be open to me and my home is always open to them.
At 28 years old, I’m entering into a different chapter in my life – one has ended and another is starting, and it really does feel that way. I feel like I’ve stepped into a “new life”, for lack of a better expression. I literally feel like I left a certain life and lifestyle behind, one that I can never really go back to (I don’t think my fiance would appreciate my packing a luggage and leaving for Italy on a whim), and that’s okay. It’s been important for me to take some time and mourn my single life so that I don’t carry anything into my married life. It’s been a process, but I’m finally looking forward all of these positive changes and I know the future will be great.


feature friday: lynda renee photography.

Well hello there Friday, I couldn’t wait to see you again! Today, the spotlight is on a local photography company – Lynda Renee Photography. Lynda specializes in photo shoots for all events! So sip on that Friday AM coffee and check out some of Lynda’s work. Happy weekend!!

Information below as submitted by Lynda Renee Photography:

Company Name- Lynda Renee Photography

Website- http://www.lyndareneephotography.com

Facebook- facebook page – Lynda Renee Photography

Contact #/Email- 914.414.2388 / lyndareneephotography@yahoo.com

Business Description- Lynda Renee Photography is a photography business run by me, Lynda. A young school teacher from Westchester. I am a one act show. My business has grown bigger than I thought it ever would and I am completely loving it. I dream to one day have my own studio, but until then I travel to my clients’ home and shoot sessions on location. I capture the moments that you will treasure forever. I truly love what I do and take joy in making my clients happy.

Wedding Services Offered- Engagement Sessions, Small Weddings, Boudoir Sessions

Other Services Offered- Maternity Sessions, Birth Sessions, Newborn Sessions, 6-month Sessions, 1+ toddler

Sessions, Family Sessions, Beach Sessions, Engagement Sessions, Boudoir Sessions, Parties/Events – Communions, Baptisms, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, etc.

Short & Sweet Advice for the Brides- Make sure you actually make time for your photos – don’t be rushing!

Additional Info- Teacher by day, photographer by night. Located in Westchester, NY – serving New Jersey, New York, and the surrounding Metro Areas.

A big thanks to Lynda Renee Photography for sharing her vendor information with us. Be sure to check her out for your next event – why knot?!

Want to share your vendor/business information with Mrs. Why Knot? Click the contact tab above and find out how!

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book review: the bitch’s bridal bible.

Bitch's Bridal Bible

Who would’ve thought nearly three years post-married, I would enjoy (and relate to) a book that focused on bitchy brides as much as I do! This is the perfect book for ANY bride to be. Whether you are…planning a 400 person wedding or a 10 person intimate reception, an over the top princess bride or a subtle more laid back bride, a fancy schmantzy planner or a fly by the seat of your pants kind of MRS., a super duper stickler to details or a whatever whenever procrastinator. Point being, so often these types of books are ultra narrow in their focus and if you do not fit into the cookie cutter audience then you find yourself throwing the book aside and looking for another.

Ali does a phenomenal job to draw her readers in, make them laugh and keep them laughing. Like belly laughing, ladies! Her book is a quick read and can even be used as a reference for a particular wedding planning phase (reception, photography, honeymooning etc.) The chapters are instead called ‘tables’ and the experience of reading through the book stems from working through the tables at your own wedding. Creative, catchy and keeps your attention – check, check and check!

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perfect personalized present.


mwl4What IS custom date art? In short, it is the perfect personalized present for you or someone you love. The prints are completely customizable and a decorative keepsake for your home. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we have received many creative orders for mothers, grandmothers, babysitters, aunts, godmothers etc.

The print will be printed, matted, framed, gift wrapped and mailed to you or your requested recipient via USPS Priority Mail. The turnaround time is 2-3 business days to receive.

So get creative! Think about the memorable moments in your life and get ready to create last memories with your personalized custom date art by Mrs. Why Knot! We are always welcome to new quotes, ideas, moments being shared. See some samples below and create yours now!

Read some reviews and see what people are saying about Mrs. Why Knot’s Custom Date Art – why knot?!

mwk date art



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