puh-leeez rsvp.

You have heard it all : “Of course I am coming!” “OMG I was just gunna put it in the mail” “Wait! I didn’t send mine in yet – it is here somewhere…” or my favorite, “When is the rsvp date again?”

As if it isn’t stressful enough to plan a wedding of any size, but to send a self-addressed, postage paid envelope with date to rsvp and still have guests who don’t respond – it can drive a bride to bridezilla in a matter of minutes. The big question is what to do next? For those guests who are using the rsvp card as extra decor on their fridge or a permanent fixture in their purse, how do you get those guests to revisit the rsvp?

rsvp reminder 1: Phone calls. Simple as this: put together your ‘waiting to rsvp’ list and split it by family (especially to avoid the ‘it’s Jenn ___, you know, your uncle’s son’s sister’s future daughter in law…”. You make the calls to your side and have either your future hubby or MIL make the calls to their side.

rsvp reminder 2: Text. If it’s your friends who have their rsvp under a pile of of bills or papers on their coffee table but their phone always in their hand? A simple text is sure to get a response in no time.

rsvp reminder 3: Facebook shout out. A status update can speak volumes. You may be LOL at this point but try it out. Your mailbox is sure to have a few extra rsvps once your facebook friends are reminded via their favorite social media tool that you are awaiting X # of rsvps!

Tip to consider: never, ever, ever ‘assume’ someone’s rsvp. Too often brides will say, “I know they are on vacation that weekend, mark as a no.” That is a no-no! You need to have a YES/NO answer from each guest. Also, don’t be surprised if the day of. a few people change their rsvp due to other circumstances. This happens! Take a deep breath and still enjoy the biggest day of your life, so far…why knot?!

How did you remind your non-rsvp’ers to send in their response? Any tips or tricks for the other Mrs. Why Knot fans? Feel free to share below!

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