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Is it me or is this snowy, wintry, icy weather got you chilled to the bone? To heat things up, today on the blog is a warmhearted engagement story from October that is sure to put a smile on your face. Maria Daniela had been recovering from surgery when she attended an annual party where she was faced with a life-changing question…and a pumpkin filled with bling. Read on to hear about her engagement story – why knot?!


Maria Daniela and Billy’s Engagement – October 13, 2013

Billy was having his annual pumpkin carving party on October 13th, 2013 and I had just had my deviated septum repaired on October 2nd so I was not sure if I was going to be able to make it to his get together, if anything I planned to make an appearance (I was not sure if spending hours in the cold weather was okay for my nose). Billy and his friends stressed to me that I had to be there at this party because they all had a surprise for me as my recovery was a lot harder than expected and they wanted to do something for me, which I thought was so nice (I had no idea my life was going to change!). I had arrived late to the party because I was helping my mom set up for her annual Columbus Day party at our house. She even tried to persuade me to stay home that day, or go even later to the party, because she wanted me to be at her party, but I told her it was important that I be at Billy’s. Billy that morning made himself physically sick from nerves – I was so worried he was coming down with something (little did I know…)!

When I arrived at his house barely anyone was talking or eating or carving pumpkins – I thought it was very strange and awkward! Barely anyone said hi to me, barely anyone was talking/eating/drinking, no one was doing anything! Billy said they were all waiting for me to arrive to eat and carve the pumpkins. Oh, well, that was nice of them (I literally had no idea what they had planned). After getting situated and saying my hello’s, I put out some candy I had picked up on my way, added more table decor, and created apple cider sangria from a recipe I found on Pinterest. After finishing these last minute items, I grabbed some food from the buffet table because I was starving and had a seat. About an hour later (as I was still picking on my food), Billy and his friends, along with his mom, were chatting on the lawn a couple yards away from me. I sat staring at them and wondering what was going on because Billy was on his knees with his back to me, facing a bunch of his guy friends and they were having a little pow-wow… my anxiety kicked in, but I kept trying to tell myself it was nothing because I had no idea that he was planning something.

Then Billy’s mom called me over as I was enjoying the pumpkin macaroni and cheese I made the day before… she said I needed to settle a debate they were having, but that I needed to be quiet because the others cannot hear. I felt like everyone’s eyes were on me, and as I stood there so confused and uncomfortable, I said out loud, “Why is this such an awkward situation? Why do I feel something shady going on?”… no one said anything… then in the corner of my eye I see Billy getting down on his knee and bringing a mini pumpkin out from his side. He took the top off, and asked me the most important question of our lives: “Daniela, will you marry me?” I stand there in shock saying “STOP IT! STOP IT!” (It’s on video! Hilarious!) I slowly inched towards the pumpkin as if something was going to pop out of it, and once I saw the ring shining inside I quickly jumped back in shock and put my hands over my mouth, just standing there staring at Billy in disbelief. After a couple seconds of complete silence and everyone holding their breath, his cousin Michele yelled out “Say something!” and I immediately responded with, “Yeah, of course I’ll marry you! Are you kidding me!?”



Everyone started clapping and after Billy and I kissed and hugged his friends came over one by one to congratulate us. Afterwards, a couple of his friends told me I needed to immediately call my mother because the proposal was all over Facebook! So as I was dialing the number I asked Billy if we needed to also call his grandmothers, and he said they already knew! Silly Daniela! After a tearful, joyful phone call to my parents, sister and grandmother, his wonderful friends popped open the champagne they brought (they’re so good) and we made a toast to the beginning of my and Billy’s new chapter (apparently everyone knew for over a month and did not drop one hint!).

Billy and I had pictures taken by one of his friends, Emily Main Photography, which we used for our Engagement Dinner invites and Save the Date cards. Emily will also be taking our official engagement photos this summer at Rye Playland, one of Billy’s favorite places.The mini pumpkin has since been thrown out, but the ring I get to keep forever, and I could not have asked for a more special engagement. I cannot wait to marry my best friend and the love of my life.


*All photos – credit Emily Main Photography

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