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I couldn’t wait to share the ‘ask away’ post I received last week to ease the mind of the weather-worriers (ahem- including me!) about picture taking for your big day! Cause seriously – don’t you wish that the weather was something you can plan?!
She asked…
Hi Mrs. Why Knot!I was hoping you would be able to help me out! I am getting married in June, and although its a beautiful summer month, I am concerned about the weather. I am hoping to take my wedding pictures outside at my revenue but need a backup plan in case it rains. Do you know of any great inside locations or mansions that I can take my pictures?Thanks for your help!
…Here’s my answer!
Hi Agnes!
Congratulations! Thanks for reaching out to Mrs. Why Knot about local, indoor wedding picture locations. Here are a ton of options to get started!
If weather was a vendor, brides would spend their entire budget to ensure a picture perfect day! Since it can be so unpredictable I think it’s great to have back up options for picture taking. It is key to consider the personality of you and your future MR. when taking into account the indoor location to choose. I have seen awesome photos from everywhere from a local library to an arcade. Some ideas include: Westchester Mall, New Roc City, White Plains City Center, local movie theater, library, bowling alley, parking lots (believe it or not, this can actually work!), local gym (think crossfit couples), country clubs, college grounds, mansions etc.
Make a note that when you call these locations you should ask for the follow:
Is a permit needed?
Is insurance needed?
Is there a rental fee to take pictures?
If so, how much is a cancellation fee if we do not use the space?
How far in advance to cancel?
Contact name and number for the person who will be at the site that day?
How long can you stay at the location?
Are there any limitations of the site that you need your video/photog to know of?

Also, remember – photographers can make just about any location ‘work’ regardless of venue or even weather. Having a back up location is a great idea and also run it by your photographer so they have the heads up. Best wishes! Can’t wait to see pictures of your big day!

Thanks for reaching out to Mrs. Why Knot and ‘asking away!’

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