in search of that moment. {dear bridal diary}

We are thrilled to have one of our bride-to-be’s as a guest blogger for our site. Months back, she had sent us her ‘falling’ into love engagement story and we are through the moon that she is going to be sharing many more of her experiences with our readers leading up to, and including, her big day! Welcome future Mrs., Daniela!

Read on to find out how Daniela felt while on the hunt for her dream wedding dress. She was in search of ‘that moment’ and when it came – the feeling was indescribable…

After my fiancé proposed in October 2013, one of the first thing I did was (besides make a list of venues) make appointments at more than 10 bridal stores in 3 different counties for my wedding gown, having no idea what I wanted/liked or what our overall wedding theme would be. I was on a mission to try on as many dresses as possible so that I would have no regrets and not wonder if I missed something. People thought I was crazy, that I was going to get confused with all the dresses, get worn out… and they were right. But I’ll go into that later (and yes, Kleinfeld and RK Bridal were definitely on my list of bridal shops to experience.)

I was so excited to start trying on dresses. I had my binder filled with dresses. I ripped out of magazines and printed off of Pinterest. My mom, sister and grandmother came with me, then later on my dad started to tag along (I originally did not want him to see my dress until my wedding day, but it meant so much more to have him there during the process, even if we did argue over his vision vs mine).

I have to say, after a few appointments at local boutiques in Westchester, and realizing that my dream of wearing a Maggie Sottero dress might not come true, I was starting to get discouraged and lose interest in the process. I saw and tried on many beautiful gowns, but none had that “wow factor” everyone talks about (so cliché, but an absolute necessity). I would tell every associate that “I need to sleep on it – I don’t make impulse decisions” (which is true!) because something inside told me to keep looking. Then it got to the point where I had dwindled down my options (because I felt like I had to – my wedding was in 9 months!) and it was between 2 dresses from two different stores.

I was disappointed and saddened that I had these 2 beautiful dresses staring at me on the computer, and while I was leaning to one more than the other, something didn’t feel right. You’re not supposed to be having such a difficult time deciding on your wedding gown, right? Everyone told me that when you found your dress, you would immediately know and be overcome with emotion. Why wasn’t I having that moment? I wanted that moment. I didn’t want to just pick a dress because time was running out and I had to make a decision. I felt cheated out of one of the most important, special and personal decisions of my life (besides picking who I was going to marry, of course!).

And so I finally made it to Kleinfeld’s – my last appointment on the list. Mind you, I literally told my parents beforehand that I was not going to find my dress there (because I had already unhappily convinced myself I found a dress, I just was not sure which one of the two it was), and that we were only going because it’s just part of the ritual/process of finding your wedding dress. (And after visiting practically every store in the area, my family knew my routine.) Fast forward to more than a handful of dresses later that I didn’t even like enough to take off the hanger. I didn’t feel the associates understood my wedding theme (vintage autumn) and what I was envisioning, so I started to get upset, wondering if maybe going to Kleinfeld’s was a mistake. But then there it was, amongst the third set of dresses in all its beauty, my wedding gown. I didn’t even try it on or have it up against me, but I just knew that it was perfect. Once the associates helped me into the dress and finished clipping the back of it, I made my debut to my family and when I looked in the mirror amongst the rest of the brides-to-be, I knew it was true love.

I can’t even tell you the kind of emotions that went through me. Some of them include pure happiness, anxiety (because, ahh, I’m officially going to be a bride!), a sense of calmness, and a lesser weight on my shoulders. I also couldn’t stop smiling and didn’t want to take it off. I finally found it. Over a month later, I still stare at myself in the dress on my phone and can’t wait for my fiancé to see me the moment those church doors open.

If I had to give a word of advice for the brides-to-be going through this process now, it would be to not settle! Wait for that moment- you will know it when it happens.

And I promise you, it will happen!


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