guest blog: battle of the dress.

Remember Heather? We unveiled her last month as a ‘bride’s best friend’ and latest guest blogger for Mrs. Why Knot? Well, she is back again and this time is updating our readers on her guest dress pick and another wedding on her horizon!


While the gilt sale was wonderful for smaller sizes and unaffordable Marni fur coats, I had no lucky with shoes, accessories or a dress even though I did see a bridal dress hanging lifeless on one of the racks.  With some major dress shopping behind me, my white dress was originally far from being determined. After much reluctance, and a request for the bridal party to opt for long dresses, my beautiful option was returned to Net-A-Porter with tears in my eyes (okay… that’s a bit dramatic, but you get my drift!) and I took more of a non-traditional approach to finding a white stunner.


After hunting at the usual stops, like Macy’s and Lord & Taylor I came up empty handed and was about to resort to random online Google searches but happened into H&M.  And there it was! Long sleeve, pure white with a high front slit, back cut out and metallic belt. It was perfect and for $59.95, a steal!  But just in case I can’t handle long sleeves in the summer heat of Puerto Rico, I did secure a runner up, another steal from Target (dare I admit that!) a flowy pleated number.


Since my dresses were so affordable, I figured I could indulge in some expensive shoes and cool accessories. With a white dress there are so many ways to play up my personality.  Though everything ultimately must be bride approved… colorful shoes and daring jewelry allows my style to shine through.  With Net-A-Porter having their half-year sale, major designer jewels are finally within reach.  Furthermore, Saks, Neiman, and Nordstrom (just to name a few) are all running shoe sales! I have made a few montages of the direction that I plan to take each dress. Snag some of my coveted pieces… high and low!





Onto my next Bride! Bride #2 is my cousin that is the sister I never had, she is stylish and cool always keeping my hair on point! She optimizes a minimalist that loves the combo of black and white but also loves to glam it up with high heels and long eyelashes. With a November wedding rapidly approaching, and knowing that bridesmaids dresses often shipping at snail speeds…my bride, her MOH and myself took a shopping trip to test options. Since the bride works on Saturdays, we ran into a bit of a roadblock with most traditional bridal and dress shops closed on Sundays, so we opted for a different approach. With many brick and mortar stores now launching bridal collections, we headed into New York City to check out J.Crew’s collection at their flagship store.  The dresses are beautiful and the quality is exceptional silk chiffon.  Their long dresses come is four different styles, catering to every shape and size in our group of bridesmaids.  For me, the one shoulder is a stunner and my fave! Though originally bride #2 wanted a deep burgundy color, she fell in love with the black option which is both rich and luxurious… plus it could actually be one of those dresses that you can wear again (unlike those options you just tell yourself that you can wear again)! Now, two bridesmaids dress selections are finished, and I can move onto helping the MOH of bride#2 with planning the shower and bachelorette party!


Next time… How to get your girls to plan the bridal shower you’ve dreamed of. Something that bride#2’s MOH is working on at the moment!


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