random registry items – part II.


So the story goes – you’re registered here, there and everywhere but are still in search of random registry items to add to your endless list? After doing a post a few months ago about some of my favorite ‘random’ items, I decided to do a second post of registry worthy items – check these out ASAP!

Brown Sugar Bear @ Bed Bath and Beyond

This little guy is your baking best friend. No more opening a box of brown sugar, using it once and having to throw it away. Once you open this bear, submerge in water for just a bit and insert it into your brown sugar storage container/original box, and you are good to go! Is it time for holiday baking yet?!

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random registry items.

When you and your future hubby have full reign to pick and scan every possible item known to man in your favorite store in preparation for your wedding festivities, it’s like a huge sense of power granted- all of a sudden you two are like a tag-team just welcomed on “Shop Til You Drop” and you are prepped and ready to go to fill up that registry! When my husband and I registered just about a year ago- we had a blast! We registered at a few different stores and definitely had a variety to items and price points on our lists. Here’s a few suggestions to add to your list- and if you’re already married, you can always buy another gift or two for yourself! Why knot?!

Silpat Baking Mat at Bed, Bath and Beyond

This is GENIUS! I first saw the Silpat at my sister’s house and had to put it on my registry! It is the most amazing baking tool. Eliminates the need of parchment paper, cooking sprays, aluminum foil and plenty of other items we use to avoid ‘sticking’ when baking. The Silpat is super easy to clean and I use it ALL of the time. The best part is- besides completely nonstick, the mat is also guaranteed to evenly bake. Craving cookies yet?!

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