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mwl4What IS custom date art? In short, it is the perfect personalized present for you or someone you love. The prints are completely customizable and a decorative keepsake for your home. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we have received many creative orders for mothers, grandmothers, babysitters, aunts, godmothers etc.

The print will be printed, matted, framed, gift wrapped and mailed to you or your requested recipient via USPS Priority Mail. The turnaround time is 2-3 business days to receive.

So get creative! Think about the memorable moments in your life and get ready to create last memories with your personalized custom date art by Mrs. Why Knot! We are always welcome to new quotes, ideas, moments being shared. See some samples below and create yours now!

Read some reviews and see what people are saying about Mrs. Why Knot’s Custom Date Art – why knot?!

mwk date art



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love is in the air.

Love is in the air – and we just LOVE LOVE LOVE a sale!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Swoon your valentine with custom date art with the dates important in your lives! (or hint to your Valentine about your favorite Mrs. Why Knot accessory color…why knot?!)


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ringing in 2O13.



As 2013 gets off to a start,we hope you are ringing the new year with positive energy and a fabulous outlook! 2012 may have marked some of the best or worst moments of your life but yesterday began a fresh start for a new year and new memories ready to be made. As you say goodbye to 2012, take a second to reflect on the year as a whole. Think of the relationships made and the memories created that will live on way longer than the last 366 days (yes, 2012 was a leap year.) Reflect on yourself – and the learning experiences you’ve had and how you’ve grown as a person. Take a deep breath, be thankful and be ready for the next chapter in your life!

A note from Mrs. Why Knot… I want to thank ALL of YOU – the Mrs. Why Knot Readers! You’ve helped me make my dream for this site more of a reality than I had ever imagined. This year, we will be turning TWO! In the past year and a half I have met so many amazing people, networked with some of the ‘best in the biz’ and have made some lifelong connections and friendships. I am looking forward to meeting even more wonderful people, and continuing to inspire the Mrs. Why Knot Readers before, during and after you become a MRS.!

This past year, the Mrs. Why Knot Bracelet and Anklet Collection was unveiled for the first time! We started with 7 colors in the collection and later expanded to 8, including our latest – ‘Dreams Come True’ which partial proceeds benefit a dear friend’s fight to walk again! As the year came to a close, we expanded our brand by announcing our newest creation – our Custom Date Art! These personalized gifts are perfect to give and to receive. All Mrs. Why Knot items can be securely purchased on our website and best part is – you can shop 24/7! A giant THANK YOU to everyone who has purchased our bracelets, anklets and custom date art! We love that you love our creations. Stay tuned to see what’s to come for the Mrs. Why Knot brand this year!

So…let’s raise our glass (or cup- for me it’s a huge cup o’ coffee this morning back at work after the holiday break…) and cheers to the best year yet. The most important piece of advice I can give you is promise yourself not to settle. In life, in work, in love, in your career, in your dreams and in your goals – you are your only competition. Keep it that way. Put your best foot forward and do whatever it is that you want. This is your year! Make everyday count…why knot?!

Can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2013! Let’s do this!

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12 days of fab finds. (days 7 & 8!)

With holidays fast approaching, consider Mrs. Why Knot your favorite little elf!  Stay tuned from now until Christmas Day for some fabulous finds in our 12 days of Christmas Gift Ideas!

Today…we are tooting our own horn with a double dose of presents!

On the 7th day of Christmas my true love gave to me…a dash of arm candy in my favorite color!  (via Mrs. Why Knot)

Mrs. Why Knot Bracelets/Anklets

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cyber monday sale.

Happy Cyber Monday – one of my favorite days of the year! Take advantage of our Etsy shop discount by entering promo code CYBER20 at checkout to receive 20% off your ENTIRE purchase. Get some holiday shopping done today…why knot?!

Get started! Click here and remember code CYBER20 when completing your order!


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snowed in? let’s shop.

As if the East Coast hasn’t been dealt enough havoc by Hurricane Sandy – we were also slammed with a Nor’Easter last night into this morning. Hoping you are all safe and please share any relief efforts on our Facebook page. There are many ways we can help the victims of Hurricane Sandy!


For those of you that are snowed in, and are looking to indulge in some online shopping…I am offering a 10% discount on all sales made in my online shops (bracelets/anklets/custom date art!) The discount will be applied to your ENTIRE sale. 

Details: make a purchase from the following online shop links and you will be refunded 10% of your entire purchase once the order is complete. Buy a little, buy a lot. You can also combine purchases from each shop. Your ‘cart’ will continue to hold your purchases from each shop until you are ready to check out. Discounts offered through 11/12.


What are you waiting for? Let’s shop til you drop…why knot?!

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feature friday: custom date art.

Well New York, did you ever think we’d get out of this muggy, foggy, damp and miserable weather this week? FINALLY the sun is back (at least for today!) I for one, cannot wait to see some crisp fall weather in the forecast. Today we are featuring the latest Mrs. Why Knot creation – Custom Date Art Prints.

The perfect gift for the person who ‘has it all.’

Here is our wedding/anniversary/special date custom art print. The print below includes the birth dates of the bride and groom, their first ‘date’, engagement and wedding day! My favorite part about these gifts is that you can customize them to fit the special dates in your life or the life of the one you’re gifting it to. The bottom phrase reads: ‘Dates that forever changed our lives.’ You can have a maximum of 6 dates included. Each print is matted, framed in an 8×10 decorative frame and shipped ready to be displayed (all frames can be hung or placed on a tabletop.)

I currently sell them on the Mrs. Why Knot Etsy Boutique but you can also email your purchase request to Each print is $32.99 and the USPS Priority Mail ships for $11.35 (flat rate.)



We also just added custom prints for the grandparents in your life! These art prints include all grandchildrens’ names and birthdates. Names can be displayed first and middle or first, middle, last. A great gift idea for the grandparents and the phrase at the bottom of the print reads: “Grandchildren hold our hearts for a lifetime.”

Bonus idea: Purchase one of these prints and leave the last date as the date you’re expecting with the words Baby (Last Name)! A creative way to announce your pregnancy to your family.


We love our new art! What do you think? It is the perfect present to give and to receive. Adding a personalized touch to any gift takes the thoughtfulness to a whole ‘nother level. Have a piece of artwork that is a snapshot of the special people and dates in your life – why knot?!

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