double dose of a giveaway.

As your summer is off to a hot and sticky start – we’ve got a double dose of a giveaway from our friends at and The Flip Flop Bitch which is sure to cool off two summer woes.

Aching tootsies which have been shoved in the highest of heels + beach book boredom are two problems SOLVED with this joint giveaway! Click the link to find out how you can be in it to win it – why knot?! CLICK HERE TO ENTER!



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book review: the bitch’s bridal bible.

Bitch's Bridal Bible

Who would’ve thought nearly three years post-married, I would enjoy (and relate to) a book that focused on bitchy brides as much as I do! This is the perfect book for ANY bride to be. Whether you are…planning a 400 person wedding or a 10 person intimate reception, an over the top princess bride or a subtle more laid back bride, a fancy schmantzy planner or a fly by the seat of your pants kind of MRS., a super duper stickler to details or a whatever whenever procrastinator. Point being, so often these types of books are ultra narrow in their focus and if you do not fit into the cookie cutter audience then you find yourself throwing the book aside and looking for another.

Ali does a phenomenal job to draw her readers in, make them laugh and keep them laughing. Like belly laughing, ladies! Her book is a quick read and can even be used as a reference for a particular wedding planning phase (reception, photography, honeymooning etc.) The chapters are instead called ‘tables’ and the experience of reading through the book stems from working through the tables at your own wedding. Creative, catchy and keeps your attention – check, check and check!

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perfect personalized present.


mwl4What IS custom date art? In short, it is the perfect personalized present for you or someone you love. The prints are completely customizable and a decorative keepsake for your home. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we have received many creative orders for mothers, grandmothers, babysitters, aunts, godmothers etc.

The print will be printed, matted, framed, gift wrapped and mailed to you or your requested recipient via USPS Priority Mail. The turnaround time is 2-3 business days to receive.

So get creative! Think about the memorable moments in your life and get ready to create last memories with your personalized custom date art by Mrs. Why Knot! We are always welcome to new quotes, ideas, moments being shared. See some samples below and create yours now!

Read some reviews and see what people are saying about Mrs. Why Knot’s Custom Date Art – why knot?!

mwk date art



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giveaway monday – MissNowMrs.


A Monday following a time change = READY FOR BED! Thankfully, we have a giveaway to make today worthwhile! Comment on the status  on our Facebook Page with your ‘new’ last name to win a gift card for a full name change service through MissNowMrs! Why knot?!
– winner chosen by 3PM EST 3/11/14

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greatest challenge, greatest gift.


*Photo: Michelle Villalba Photography

As you may already know, being a new mom comes with anything BUT instructions. You find yourself facing some days as a superhero chemist – as you mix any and every formula to see what works and eases your little one’s tummy the most. You struggle to find the happy medium of an acceptable amount of tummy time and try to remember to switch sleeping positions to avoid ‘flat spots’, as per doctor’s orders. You squeeze in time to throw in laundry over and over again (did you ever imagine someone so tiny could have that much laundry?) You  transform into a ninja as soon as their eyes finally close for what could be a ten minute or two hour nap. With each creak in the floor you flip around to make sure they are still as peaceful as ever. You, admittedly so, put your new baby in a bouncer in front of the TV so you can wash the bottles, actually brush your teeth, or make a quick cup of coffee to give you the energy to get through the day. You frantically search for the closest and cleanest pacifier to help soothe them once they start to fuss in their sleep. You become the town’s formula dealer and somehow all the new moms know which baby is on which formula and you all circulate coupons and samples like it’s the latest drug craze. You spend endless hours googling or texting other moms (or your own), to find out the cause, and solution, of whatever the latest challenge may be.

Even during all of this…something amazing is happening. You realize that you are blessed with life’s greatest gift.

Their smell – their pout – their fabulous gummy smile. The way they nestle their warm face into your neck. Their first bath – first smile – first coo – first giggle – all stealing even more of your already full of love heart. The way they recognize you. As their mommy – as their new best friend – and as the most important person in their life. THAT is where you gain mommy-confidence. That is where you will start to let the pressuring you do to yourself subside.

Don’t get me wrong, the challenges never actually go away – they change. That is the meaning of mommyhood, in my opinion. As your son or daughter gets older, you will then help mend a broken heart or bruised knee all while teaching them the importance of self respect and positive self-esteem. You will grow with them and learn more and more about each other as the journey continues.

So when you find yourself  reading this blog post while hiding in the bathroom for your only five minutes of quiet, remember this: Every child is different and every new parent may seem to be as well. However, when it comes down to it – we as new mommies are one in the same. We are trying to do what is best for our children and that is what matters most. We are our only competition and in our child’s eyes we are number one.

Whether you found yourself nodding, laughing or even tearing while reading this, feel free to share this blog post with the new parent, mommy-to-be, veteran mom or anyone else you know that can relate. Why knot?!


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special delivery.

Guess what?! I am proud to announce that our little angel had arrived earlier than expected and Mr. Why Knot and I have been filling our days with spending each and every possible second with her! Now for a mommy time out and a blog post update – here’s some pictures and a quick recap of the day that changed our lives forever.

Monday, August 12, 2013 ~ White Plains Hospital

3:43PM – 5lbs, 7oz. – 17in.

Alessia Rayne


Our first ‘family’ moments:


Our special delivery was made by an exceptional team of surgeons, doctors, nurses and staff who were able to safely deliver our daughter within just minutes following a few decelerations of her heart. While I was in mild contractions and being monitored at a routine doctor’s visit, her heart rate was dropping (which was because she was sitting on her cord.) I was transferred to the hospital immediately and monitored once again. In time, her heart decelerated a second time. The safest way to deliver her was to do an emergency c-section as soon as possible. Being hooked up to the monitor during the time of her decelerations was her way (and God’s way) of saying ‘Hey! Get me out of here! Something is going on!”

Our precious little angel was delivered shortly thereafter and is our greatest gift. A true angel baby who needed to cause some commotion to get her point across (oh jeez, she is already like her mommy!) Mr. Why Knot and I are adjusting to parenthood and enjoying our moments with her every minute we can. She is a blessing and I will be sure to post pictures and some stories of the teachable mommy moments on the blog. Stay tuned! This is just the beginning.

(…And for all of the brides out there – no worries! There are plenty of hot, new, wedding blog posts getting posted up soon!)

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love is in the air.

Love is in the air – and we just LOVE LOVE LOVE a sale!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Swoon your valentine with custom date art with the dates important in your lives! (or hint to your Valentine about your favorite Mrs. Why Knot accessory color…why knot?!)


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snowed in? let’s shop.

As if the East Coast hasn’t been dealt enough havoc by Hurricane Sandy – we were also slammed with a Nor’Easter last night into this morning. Hoping you are all safe and please share any relief efforts on our Facebook page. There are many ways we can help the victims of Hurricane Sandy!


For those of you that are snowed in, and are looking to indulge in some online shopping…I am offering a 10% discount on all sales made in my online shops (bracelets/anklets/custom date art!) The discount will be applied to your ENTIRE sale. 

Details: make a purchase from the following online shop links and you will be refunded 10% of your entire purchase once the order is complete. Buy a little, buy a lot. You can also combine purchases from each shop. Your ‘cart’ will continue to hold your purchases from each shop until you are ready to check out. Discounts offered through 11/12.


What are you waiting for? Let’s shop til you drop…why knot?!

Mrs. Why Knot Bracelet & Anklet Boutique

Mrs. Why Knot Custom Date Art – the perfect gift to give and receive!

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feature friday: dreams come true.

FRESH ON THE SCENE…new color and cause!

The Mrs. Why Knot ‘Dreams Come True’ Bracelet – the ultimate reminder to follow your dreams, whatever they may be.

Mrs. Why Knot has teamed up with long-time friend, Christan Zaccagnino in her fight to walk! Christan has suffered from a spinal cord injury since the age of nine from a diving accident in her swimming pool and she has not given up on her dream to walk again. Her latest fundraising efforts include her partnership with where she is requesting one dollar from each donor in hopes to bring stem cell trials to the United States.

Partial proceeds of the ‘Dreams Come True’ Bracelet will benefit this cause.

Mrs. Why Knot will be donating one dollar on your behalf and one dollar on her behalf of each bracelet sale to this cause (the equivalent of 10% of all proceeds will be donated.)



In Christan’s words – the significance of the green in the bracelet is because, “For a very long time in my life I would dream every night of an angel with the most memorable green eyes. And ever since then the color has followed me. Green has always guided. It has been present in some way in major endeavors in my life. I am the only one in my family with green eyes. Green is favored by well balanced people. I live a very balanced life. Green symbolizes the master healer and the life force. Green is my soulmate color and no matter what makes my soul smile.”

She always said she has a ‘green heart’ and this bracelet is the perfect representation of that. Please read more about Christan’s journey here, follow her on twitter @christanzacc and spread the word…why knot?!

 What are you waiting for? Click here to start shopping!

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feature friday: bridal eye candy.

TGIF! Hoping you all have a nice long weekend ahead of you! Today we are featuring some bridal eye candy for the Mrs. Why Knot readers. This picture was taken by Martone Photography of a Westchester bride’s wedding day accessories. Her gorgeous engagement ring & glam wedding band were accompanied by a ‘Something Blue’ Mrs. Why Knot bracelet gifted to her by her sister-in-law (and bridesmaid!) It was a perfect sentimental gift for her big day!

Mrs. Why Knot ‘Something Blue’ and ‘Here Comes the Bride’ are the most popular gifted bracelet colors for brides typically given by a family member or friend at their engagement, shower or wedding day! You can also switch things up and gift the bride-to-be in your life a Mrs. Why Knot bracelet in her wedding color or even her favorite color!

And brides…don’t forget – Mrs. Why Knot bracelets are a great gift for your bridesmaids too and come in 7 color varieties to match your wedding color scheme! (did I mention they are shipped free and also come gift-ready in a bracelet pouch? ) Click here and get to shopping- why knot?!

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