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As 2013 gets off to a start,we hope you are ringing the new year with positive energy and a fabulous outlook! 2012 may have marked some of the best or worst moments of your life but yesterday began a fresh start for a new year and new memories ready to be made. As you say goodbye to 2012, take a second to reflect on the year as a whole. Think of the relationships made and the memories created that will live on way longer than the last 366 days (yes, 2012 was a leap year.) Reflect on yourself – and the learning experiences you’ve had and how you’ve grown as a person. Take a deep breath, be thankful and be ready for the next chapter in your life!

A note from Mrs. Why Knot… I want to thank ALL of YOU – the Mrs. Why Knot Readers! You’ve helped me make my dream for this site more of a reality than I had ever imagined. This year, we will be turning TWO! In the past year and a half I have met so many amazing people, networked with some of the ‘best in the biz’ and have made some lifelong connections and friendships. I am looking forward to meeting even more wonderful people, and continuing to inspire the Mrs. Why Knot Readers before, during and after you become a MRS.!

This past year, the Mrs. Why Knot Bracelet and Anklet Collection was unveiled for the first time! We started with 7 colors in the collection and later expanded to 8, including our latest – ‘Dreams Come True’ which partial proceeds benefit a dear friend’s fight to walk again! As the year came to a close, we expanded our brand by announcing our newest creation – our Custom Date Art! These personalized gifts are perfect to give and to receive. All Mrs. Why Knot items can be securely purchased on our website and best part is – you can shop 24/7! A giant THANK YOU to everyone who has purchased our bracelets, anklets and custom date art! We love that you love our creations. Stay tuned to see what’s to come for the Mrs. Why Knot brand this year!

So…let’s raise our glass (or cup- for me it’s a huge cup o’ coffee this morning back at work after the holiday break…) and cheers to the best year yet. The most important piece of advice I can give you is promise yourself not to settle. In life, in work, in love, in your career, in your dreams and in your goals – you are your only competition. Keep it that way. Put your best foot forward and do whatever it is that you want. This is your year! Make everyday count…why knot?!

Can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2013! Let’s do this!

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Shop 24/7…why knot?!

Mrs. Why Knot Bracelet Shop

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snowed in? let’s shop.

As if the East Coast hasn’t been dealt enough havoc by Hurricane Sandy – we were also slammed with a Nor’Easter last night into this morning. Hoping you are all safe and please share any relief efforts on our Facebook page. There are many ways we can help the victims of Hurricane Sandy!


For those of you that are snowed in, and are looking to indulge in some online shopping…I am offering a 10% discount on all sales made in my online shops (bracelets/anklets/custom date art!) The discount will be applied to your ENTIRE sale. 

Details: make a purchase from the following online shop links and you will be refunded 10% of your entire purchase once the order is complete. Buy a little, buy a lot. You can also combine purchases from each shop. Your ‘cart’ will continue to hold your purchases from each shop until you are ready to check out. Discounts offered through 11/12.


What are you waiting for? Let’s shop til you drop…why knot?!

Mrs. Why Knot Bracelet & Anklet Boutique

Mrs. Why Knot Custom Date Art – the perfect gift to give and receive!

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avon walk: priceless in pink.

After completing my first Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, I realized that I have had so many emotions throughout the journey that I cannot even put them all into words – but I will try my best! This two day, 39.3 mi walk throughout NYC wasn’t just a walk – it was an experience. A life-changing experience, in fact, and one that raised over 8.3 million dollars for a cause that is near and dear to my heart.

I began fundraising for this event in February of this year (the walk requires each walker to raise at least $1800). Our team of six raised over $11,000 and we were all so proud of our accomplishment. I am grateful for those who donated to me and the team I was a part of (Priceless in Pink) and am also so thankful for the support via texts, calls, voicemails, facebook posts, tweets and other messages I received along the way leading up to and including this weekend’s walk!

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feature friday: mrs. why knot bracelet boutique on etsy.


Happy Friday Morning! Big news today for all of the etsy lovers…I have been asked about a Mrs. Why Knot shop on etsy and the time has come. The Mrs. Why Knot Bracelet Boutique is open for business! Read on for more info and add Mrs. Why Knot to your favorites on etsy…why knot?

Company Name- The Mrs. Why Knot Bracelet Boutique on etsy

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feature friday: mrs. why knot bracelets.

This post has been months in the making and today is the day! I am so humbly proud to share my biggest news (so far) with all of you!

In addition to wedding blogging and networking with some of the most amazing vendors these past months, I have been hard at work on my latest project- creating and unveiling the Mrs. Why Knot Bracelet Collection!

Mrs. Why Knot Bracelets are available in a variety of colors to match your wedding color scheme. Each bracelet is handmade of silk cording and all sterling silver hardware and are ‘gift ready’ when shipped. The perfect present for your bridesmaids and friends.

Mrs. Why Knot Bracelets are unique, expressive and made with love by Mrs. Why Knot!

Mrs. Why Knot Bracelets UNVEILED!

[top to bottom] Pop Some Bubbly / Lipstick Red / Chocolate Kiss / Here Comes the Bride / Black Tie Affair / Something Blue / Passion Plum

Which color is YOUR fave? I wear passion plum + black tie affair. Who says you can’t have two favorites? Click here to see the bracelets up close and start shopping! Why knot?!

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