feature: canvas champ.

Happy Spring you guys! So excited to share this post with you today. We all are guilty of hoarding tons and tons of photos filling up our cellphones of every, little ongoing of our day – but for some of us (yes, I am guilty!) that’s where those photos stay. Clogging up our phones, taking up our data and then forcing us to add more GB’s just so we can do the dreaded back-ups!

Wouldn’t it be fabulous to take your favorite photos and create ‘art’ for your home with those memorable moments? For that I say, bring it on! I gotta tell you – I just partnered with Canvas Champ and received the most crisp, clear, gorgeous canvas of my son. Sure, you can call me bias cause I think the model is just perfect, but the quality of the canvas is just as perfect!



The print came VERY FAST – and was packaged with care. Once I unwrapped it from several layers of plastic, cardboard etc., I was happy to find a well-made canvas print that is the perfect addition to our new home. It is vibrant, has phenomenal texture, and the wrapping of the canvas is high quality for sure.

So the next time you are flipping through pics on your cell phone camera roll, save some favorites and head over to Canvas Champ and display those memories for a lifetime…why knot?!

(original photo taken by Alaina Nicole Photography)

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slt-ing with mrs. why knot.

I did it! I survived my first SLT class at SLT Rye Brook! Now you may remember a previous post about this fab fitness studio that is catching on to all local residents since making it’s debut in the Rye Ridge Shopping Center.


A friend of mine swears by SLT which made me even more pumped to try out a class that she was taking. I was even more excited since I had been wanting to try out a class with instructor Marisa after hearing so much hype about how great she is! Want to know my thoughts? Here is the good and the ‘sore’ of it!

First off, I LOVE the layout of the studio. With a fitness class like SLT, which focuses on strengthening, lengthening and toning, it is awesome that the setting is meant for a small group. You each get your own ‘megaformer’ – pilates type workout machine. Marisa quickly showed me how to use the machine (which is actually not nearly as hard as it looks by the way.) She was also really good about helping me change the spring system based on the moves she was calling out. The megaformer takes a little getting used to but in a good way. I liked having the ability to work off my own machine and eventually could notice even just at the end of one session, how I became more familiar and comfortable using it.

It was 50 minutes of an intense, full-body workout that was as challenging as you wanted to make it. Marisa often referred her more advanced SLT-ers to amp up their workout by changing up their form or switching up their moves in a more challenging way. She was equally as helpful to new students and would come over and correct my form when necessary (and yes, I needed it!.)

The only thing that made Marisa’s instructing even better was the music! Loud, fast, beats coupled with her amazing motivating voice and encouraging words definitely helped keep me focused and pushing myself. She made everyone feel comfortable in her class and made waking up on a Saturday morning and spending it at SLT worth my while.

I will say this – I began feeling sore the following day but the day after that was even more. It was a good sore – and all over body sore and one that makes you realize how many muscles you actually did work out in such a short time period. Where else can you do that? Most times people want a quick fix and fast results. Walking on a treadmill for hours upon hours never made me feel the way I did after my first SLT class. It was challenging, fun, motivating and most of all – QUICK! The time flew by so fast! Looking forward to my next class. Thank you SLT Rye Brook and Marisa!

If you haven’t already – definitely check in to taking a class. Tell them Mrs. Why Knot sent you! Check back soon for a surprise collaboration from Mrs. Why Knot + SLT Rye Brook – why knot?!

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PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSST! Guess what? We have a *new* instagram page for all of your wedding inspiration, DIY ideas, featured products/vendors and of course(!!) your #mrswhyknot pics! What are you waiting for? Go and follow @mrswhyknot – why knot?!


Also, always be sure to #mrswhyknot on your custom date art and bracelet/anklet pics for a chance to be featured!

Thanks for instagramming the love!

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After 19 and a half weeks of patiently waiting…last night, my hubby and I found out the gender of our August baby! I made a box, inspired by Pinterest, and had my neighbor fill it with blue or pink balloons once she took a peek at the envelope the doctor gave us with the gender info inside! Take a look at our video and see the reaction…why knot?!

So excited for all things pink, bows, tutus and of course, shoes! Can’t wait to meet our angel!

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mrs. why knot – a mama to be!

This is by far, my most exciting announcement to make on the blog – my Mr. and I are expecting a baby this summer! We are through the moon happy and cannot wait to meet our miracle and begin our family. It is such an unbelievable feeling to know that in just a matter of months, we will have our hearts filled with the love of our precious little one!

Heard it here first! (5) secrets of Mrs. Why Knot as a mama to be:

-It’s…A…____! You may think it’s more ‘fun’ to be surprised but my Mr. & I are finding out what we’re having! Boy/girl no real preference but we can’t wait for the anatomy scan (T-one month or so)!

-Tummy troubles? Thankfully, I haven’t had morning sickness just some bouts of nausea (I love you, Tums!)

-Sleepless in NY. Many of my friends say sleeping while pregnant was the best sleep they ever had. I spend more hours tossing and turning that before I know it, my alarm is going off (again!) Hey, maybe it’s just prepping me for being a mom!

-Savin a Cravin’! No real cravings for me as of now and sometimes I find that as soon a I start eating I get so full so fast. I will say, if I do choose to indulge in something, it has been sweet over salty as of now!

-Love notes! Stemming from my passion for writing, I already started a journal for my little one to be. I log info from my appointments, feelings I am having, little notes or cards I have gotten and the scoop on how we told our friends/family (and now my blog readers too!)

Continue to check out my blog for some updated posts on me as a mama to be! And rest assure –  the original idea of Mrs. Why Knot as wedding blog isn’t going anywhere! It is here to stay. Promise!

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race to the aisle: final planning tips.

Is your BIG day just days away? It is starting to feel a bit surreal that after all the planning the day could actually arrive? (um, note to self: that’s what supposed to happen!!) Below is a list of helpful hints to glance through as you cross off your last to-dos before you say I do!


CONFIRM & RECONFIRM: No matter how many times you’ve ‘checked’ with your vendors, make a list and reconfirm full details and write any expectations down so you are all on the same page. Also create a sample timeline so you know who to expect, where and when! It takes the guess work out of the morning-of.

MAKE USE OF THE MAIDS: Grab your girls and get together! Finish up any last minute projects (ceremony programs, favors, menus, etc.) Also take a quick ride to drop off everything necessary for the reception. Feel free to bring a list so the person setting up knows exactly what you want. Everything done? Have a girls night in with some wine, sweets and sweats! Girl time is the best time.

SWEET DREAMS: Are you having nightmares of missing the ceremony? Waking up super late? Losing your wedding dress? Get into a routine before bed to keep calm and have sweet dreams. Try a relaxing bath, cup of tea or warm milk and some reading. Stay OFF your phone/computer right before bed (they super-stimulate your mind) and avoid any chocolate (it gears up crazy thoughts!)

LEADER OF THE PACK: Whether you are honeymooning right away, taking a mini-moon or staying at a local hotel suite – be sure to make a list and check it twice. Pack ahead of time and always add some extra outfits ‘just in case.’ Don’t forget something sexy for your wedding night too! Also – pack a go-to bag for the limo/party bus. Don’t forget a plain white sheet or towel to cover your gorgeous gown while heading to the reception. You’d be surprised how many things spill!

LOVE NOTES: Take five minutes to write a note to your future-hubby. Handwritten and stuck into his tux, or even a note in his phone you can remind him to check. It’ll be the perfect thing to wake up to on the big day. It is also a great keepsake!

DRESS TO IMPRESS: Finalize that dress fitting! As crazy as it sounds, you’d be surprised how just before your wedding you may gain/lose a few pounds. I actually wound up going the week of my wedding for one extra fitting! Be sure you are comfortable (literally sit, stand, dance and move around in your dress – test it out!) You will be wearing it for hours on end and you will want it to be PERFECT.

Most importantly – BREATHE!


Your big day is just moments ahead and you should make the most of each and every second. Dance, laugh, love and enjoy it! It goes way too fast and some of the best memories are yet to be made. Congratulations!

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love is in the air.

Love is in the air – and we just LOVE LOVE LOVE a sale!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Swoon your valentine with custom date art with the dates important in your lives! (or hint to your Valentine about your favorite Mrs. Why Knot accessory color…why knot?!)


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12 days of fab finds. (days 7 & 8!)

With holidays fast approaching, consider Mrs. Why Knot your favorite little elf!  Stay tuned from now until Christmas Day for some fabulous finds in our 12 days of Christmas Gift Ideas!

Today…we are tooting our own horn with a double dose of presents!

On the 7th day of Christmas my true love gave to me…a dash of arm candy in my favorite color!  (via Mrs. Why Knot)

Mrs. Why Knot Bracelets/Anklets

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the quickest fix.

Hey to all of our facebook fans! I recently posted about how facebook is ‘hiding’ your favorite pages from you. They recently enabled their ‘show in newsfeed’ feature. Simply make sure you following these few steps so that you are not out of the facebook loop for inspiration and giveaways!




Easy peasy! Here is screenshot of how it should look when you are done!



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feature friday: bridal series {part 2}.

Happy Friday! After hours of successful Black Friday and Small Business Saturday shopping last weekend,a glammed up BLOW from PlushBLOW in Greenwich,CT was just what I needed! This post is {Part 2} of a special bridal series feature on Plush Salons. With locations in Greenwich, Rye, White Plains and Scarsdale, I will be trying out a variety of styles to suit a bride from her bridal shower til the day she says, I DO!

PlushBLOW is a blowdry bar (no haircuts, no colors, just BLOWdrys.) The PlushBLOW location I visited for this post  is located in swanky Greenwich, CT.  As I arrived, just nearing 11AM , the salon was already full of clients satisfying their weekly craving for a BLOW (and cappucino!) Offering a variety of ($40) blow styles like ‘Signature PlushBLOW’, The Skinny’, ‘VaVaVoom’, ‘Pin-Up’, and ‘As Say’ you are sure to get the blowdry you are looking for. PSSSST! Plush Salons also has their own product line (pictured below.) Check with your stylist for the products perfect for your tresses.

Greenwich, CT PlushBLOW stylist, Marjan, completed my look – super sexified curls and amped up volume. Marjan took my limp locks to heights I never imagined and finished it off with a tinted dry shampoo to make it a longer lasting BLOW. A big THANKS to Marjan for my BLOW, a fab look for any bachelorette!

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