feature: canvas champ.

Happy Spring you guys! So excited to share this post with you today. We all are guilty of hoarding tons and tons of photos filling up our cellphones of every, little ongoing of our day – but for some of us (yes, I am guilty!) that’s where those photos stay. Clogging up our phones, taking up our data and then forcing us to add more GB’s just so we can do the dreaded back-ups!

Wouldn’t it be fabulous to take your favorite photos and create ‘art’ for your home with those memorable moments? For that I say, bring it on! I gotta tell you – I just partnered with Canvas Champ and received the most crisp, clear, gorgeous canvas of my son. Sure, you can call me bias cause I think the model is just perfect, but the quality of the canvas is just as perfect!



The print came VERY FAST – and was packaged with care. Once I unwrapped it from several layers of plastic, cardboard etc., I was happy to find a well-made canvas print that is the perfect addition to our new home. It is vibrant, has phenomenal texture, and the wrapping of the canvas is high quality for sure.

So the next time you are flipping through pics on your cell phone camera roll, save some favorites and head over to Canvas Champ and display those memories for a lifetime…why knot?!

(original photo taken by Alaina Nicole Photography)

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ask away: indoor wedding pics.

I couldn’t wait to share the ‘ask away’ post I received last week to ease the mind of the weather-worriers (ahem- including me!) about picture taking for your big day! Cause seriously – don’t you wish that the weather was something you can plan?!
She asked…
Hi Mrs. Why Knot!I was hoping you would be able to help me out! I am getting married in June, and although its a beautiful summer month, I am concerned about the weather. I am hoping to take my wedding pictures outside at my revenue but need a backup plan in case it rains. Do you know of any great inside locations or mansions that I can take my pictures?Thanks for your help!
…Here’s my answer!
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michelle villalba photography: newborn shoot.

Just recently, the spotlight was on Michelle Villalba Photography during a feature friday post from the Mrs. Why Knot maternity shoot (click here for the post!) As promised, here’s some details from the newborn shoot with Michelle.

Our little girl Alessia arrived earlier than expected (and while Michelle was vacationing in Italy) so the idea of a few-day-old-shoot turned into more like a few-week-old-shoot. I was hesitant wondering if Alessia wouldn’t be as easy to put into those priceless, mushy poses that make you want to jump through a photograph and squeeze the baby (yea, you know those!) Michelle assured me that she’d make it work. She sure did.

Michelle photographed our little one when she was a few weeks old. Within minutes, she transformed my teensy apartment into a photo studio and baby Alessia was the center of attention. Lights, camera, action – we were ready to go. Michelle was super patient and very creative with trying different poses, outfits and lighting. We moved from the living room to the nursery and back again and Michelle captured some great pictures of our little angel.

Obviously the maternity shoot was very different than shooting with my newborn, but what stayed the same was Michelle’s professionalism, creativity and patience. She made me and Alessia feel so comfortable and my husband and I were so excited to see the final results and create Alessia’s birth announcement. Here are some pics from the shoot. And yes…you’ll notice Michelle got some priceless, mushy poses just like we had wanted. Thanks again Michelle!



Connect with Michelle Villalba Photography for your next photoshoot –  MichelleVPhoto@gmail.com


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feature friday: michelle villalba photography.

FRIDAY has arrived (oh yes, and so has pumpkin iced coffee and latte season!) Today’s feature has the spotlight on a photographer that I have had the pleasure of working with from my bump to baby. So enjoy this fall-like weather, indulge in that pumpkin java and read on to hear about my experience with Michelle Villalba Photography.

As my bump had been growing, I often considered doing a maternity shoot to capture the moments of my growing baby. I just couldn’t picture myself draped in sheets or fabrics, half naked, posing for pictures when I wasn’t totally comfortable with this belly I had grown seemingly overnight! Now, I get it – some people rock those maternity shoots and more power to them! I just knew that for mine, I wanted something else. Luckily, teaming up with Michelle Villalba was the perfect match. She listened to exactly what I was hoping to do, gave fabulous location suggestions and was super flexible with my husband and I.

Fast forward to our shoot day. We chose the Kensico Dam in Valhalla, NY. It was on and off misty and rather cold for an August day. Michelle kept in touch with me and we considered a few other location options and even gave me some advice on what to wear to best photograph for the type of day it was. She was, once again, very accomodating and made the most of our shoot. We had a blast with her! Trying different poses, exploring the dam, and just being ourselves made the experience better than I could have imagined. Best part is – we got some awesome pictures and had so much fun getting to know her on a professional level. She has such a way of being professional yet making her clients feel super comfortable – and that is priceless.

Here’s some pics from our shoot:


PicMonkey Collage


Connect with Michelle Villalba Photography for your next photoshoot –  MichelleVPhoto@gmail.com

PS! Stay tuned for a future post on pics from our newborn shoot with Michelle Villalba Photography! Our little one had a blast!


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feature friday: engagement shoot experience.


Despite this on-again, off-again rainy weather…we have some news to brighten your soggy morning – IT’S FRIDAY!!!

Today’s post features bride-to-be Christina, winner of the Aida Krgin Photography engagement shoot advertised on the Mrs. Why Knot facebook page a few months ago. Lucky Christina and her groom Mike had the opportunity to choose a location for their shoot and had the pleasure of working with Aida Krgin. Wondering if you and your future hubby should do a shoot? Read on to see how Christina’s experience went!


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