feature friday: stella & dot by allison nelson.

Happy FRIDAY September lovers! Today, the spotlight is on a local business that specializes in custom, engravable keepsake jewelery. Read on to find out more – why knot?!

Company Name- Stella & Dot by Allison Nelson

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double dose of a giveaway.

As your summer is off to a hot and sticky start – we’ve got a double dose of a giveaway from our friends at Punkwife.com and The Flip Flop Bitch which is sure to cool off two summer woes.

Aching tootsies which have been shoved in the highest of heels + beach book boredom are two problems SOLVED with this joint giveaway! Click the link to find out how you can be in it to win it – why knot?! CLICK HERE TO ENTER!



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Mrs. Why Knot Custom Date Art Shop


perfect personalized present.


mwl4What IS custom date art? In short, it is the perfect personalized present for you or someone you love. The prints are completely customizable and a decorative keepsake for your home. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we have received many creative orders for mothers, grandmothers, babysitters, aunts, godmothers etc.

The print will be printed, matted, framed, gift wrapped and mailed to you or your requested recipient via USPS Priority Mail. The turnaround time is 2-3 business days to receive.

So get creative! Think about the memorable moments in your life and get ready to create last memories with your personalized custom date art by Mrs. Why Knot! We are always welcome to new quotes, ideas, moments being shared. See some samples below and create yours now!

Read some reviews and see what people are saying about Mrs. Why Knot’s Custom Date Art – why knot?!

mwk date art



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Shop 24/7…why knot?! Mrs. Why Knot Bracelet Shop



love is in the air.

Love is in the air – and we just LOVE LOVE LOVE a sale!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Swoon your valentine with custom date art with the dates important in your lives! (or hint to your Valentine about your favorite Mrs. Why Knot accessory color…why knot?!)


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bridal beach bag.

Searching for the perfect gift for the bride-to-be? With this sweltering heat the past few days, I couldn’t help but think about my own honeymoon and how I would love to trade the humidity for warm sand and crashing waves…well back to reality – it’s A/C on super-speed for now! Anyway, for those of you stuck on a shower gift for your bride and would rather fore-go the registry gifts, there are plenty of fun in the sun ideas that are great gifts to give, and receive!

For my shower, I got a huge honeymoon basket from my sister. It was full of goodies perfect for my trip to Antigua for me and groom! I also received a beach basket from a good friend of mine that also had plenty of essentials to take away too! Between the two gifts, I was all set to start packing. Below are some ideas for your bridal beach basket gift with approximate pricing. Print the list, get to shopping and start putting together a gift the bride will be sure to love…why knot?!

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