neat feet.

As the warm temperatures rise (as do our fanciest heels), you may notice obnoxious blisters popping up just in time for (and during) your big day. Luckily, Dr. Scholls has a bundle of products that can help with the heat on your feet and fix or prevent the most common foot issues. Cause let’s face it – don’t you have enough to worry about?!

Check out some of the top picks sure to keep your feet in tip-top shape!

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feature friday: home remedies.

Had a rough start this morning- and actually the past three mornings but thank God it’s FRIDAY! I apologize for the lack of posts this week but like many of my friends and family members, I have been feeling ‘under the weather’  and have been fighting some sort of virus or cold. Thankfully, today I can actually breathe and am feeling much better!

While overdosing on chicken soup and reruns of ABC’s hit show, Revenge, I couldn’t help but think of brides who get sick just in time for their wedding day. I realized – a last minute cold, random protruding pimple,  or uncomfortable constipation can plague a future MRS. and may result from the stress and excitement of anticipating their wedding day.

Here are some unique home remedies sure to get you in tip-top shape just in time to walk down the aisle. Save this blogpost for future reference and share with friends – why knot?!


The gelatin in marshmallows can help soothe a sore throat and hey – it definitely beats a lozenger!

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dial 9-1-1 bride.

You’ve seen it before – the wedding day survival kits – the book of random spot removers – the little black box full of tricks-of-the-trade to help the bride in need. Rest assure, being over-prepared can absolutely conquer the random last minute wine spills or bustle rip. However, creating this go-to emergency kit can be very simple. Print this list, go shopping and create a DIY kit that is sure to save your day!

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seating derangement.

Derange (verb) – ‘to make insane’. Probably one of the first words that come to mind when thinking about the seating arrangement task that I devoted countless nights to complete!

Once all of the RSVPs are finally in – the sheer horror or who to sit where is in full effect. Do yourself a favor and read the tips below and suggested simple solutions to make seating arrangements one task you cross off with ease! [insert deep breath here…now read on!]

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