double dose of a giveaway.

As your summer is off to a hot and sticky start – we’ve got a double dose of a giveaway from our friends at and The Flip Flop Bitch which is sure to cool off two summer woes.

Aching tootsies which have been shoved in the highest of heels + beach book boredom are two problems SOLVED with this joint giveaway! Click the link to find out how you can be in it to win it – why knot?! CLICK HERE TO ENTER!



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feature friday: lynda renee photography.

Well hello there Friday, I couldn’t wait to see you again! Today, the spotlight is on a local photography company – Lynda Renee Photography. Lynda specializes in photo shoots for all events! So sip on that Friday AM coffee and check out some of Lynda’s work. Happy weekend!!

Information below as submitted by Lynda Renee Photography:

Company Name- Lynda Renee Photography


Facebook- facebook page – Lynda Renee Photography

Contact #/Email- 914.414.2388 /

Business Description- Lynda Renee Photography is a photography business run by me, Lynda. A young school teacher from Westchester. I am a one act show. My business has grown bigger than I thought it ever would and I am completely loving it. I dream to one day have my own studio, but until then I travel to my clients’ home and shoot sessions on location. I capture the moments that you will treasure forever. I truly love what I do and take joy in making my clients happy.

Wedding Services Offered- Engagement Sessions, Small Weddings, Boudoir Sessions

Other Services Offered- Maternity Sessions, Birth Sessions, Newborn Sessions, 6-month Sessions, 1+ toddler

Sessions, Family Sessions, Beach Sessions, Engagement Sessions, Boudoir Sessions, Parties/Events – Communions, Baptisms, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, etc.

Short & Sweet Advice for the Brides- Make sure you actually make time for your photos – don’t be rushing!

Additional Info- Teacher by day, photographer by night. Located in Westchester, NY – serving New Jersey, New York, and the surrounding Metro Areas.

A big thanks to Lynda Renee Photography for sharing her vendor information with us. Be sure to check her out for your next event – why knot?!

Want to share your vendor/business information with Mrs. Why Knot? Click the contact tab above and find out how!

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perfect personalized present.


mwl4What IS custom date art? In short, it is the perfect personalized present for you or someone you love. The prints are completely customizable and a decorative keepsake for your home. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we have received many creative orders for mothers, grandmothers, babysitters, aunts, godmothers etc.

The print will be printed, matted, framed, gift wrapped and mailed to you or your requested recipient via USPS Priority Mail. The turnaround time is 2-3 business days to receive.

So get creative! Think about the memorable moments in your life and get ready to create last memories with your personalized custom date art by Mrs. Why Knot! We are always welcome to new quotes, ideas, moments being shared. See some samples below and create yours now!

Read some reviews and see what people are saying about Mrs. Why Knot’s Custom Date Art – why knot?!

mwk date art



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ask away: indoor wedding pics.

I couldn’t wait to share the ‘ask away’ post I received last week to ease the mind of the weather-worriers (ahem- including me!) about picture taking for your big day! Cause seriously – don’t you wish that the weather was something you can plan?!
She asked…
Hi Mrs. Why Knot!I was hoping you would be able to help me out! I am getting married in June, and although its a beautiful summer month, I am concerned about the weather. I am hoping to take my wedding pictures outside at my revenue but need a backup plan in case it rains. Do you know of any great inside locations or mansions that I can take my pictures?Thanks for your help!
…Here’s my answer!
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westchester wedding destination unveiled {something blue events}.

Something Blue was recently given a private tour and exclusive planning rights to a brand-new wedding venue in Westchester – which we are excited to begin planning events in! This venue is so brand-new, the name and location have both yet to be announced – but Something Blue has the exclusive inside scoop on all it has to offer, including the very first photos and details of the venue, the grounds and the breathtaking views!


Located on the water, this stunning vintage mansion is sure to be the newest and most sought-after wedding destination for those who would like an intimate, private event with a rustic and hidden-away feel, yet prefer the convenience and accessibility that venues in lower Westchester offer.

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michelle villalba photography: newborn shoot.

Just recently, the spotlight was on Michelle Villalba Photography during a feature friday post from the Mrs. Why Knot maternity shoot (click here for the post!) As promised, here’s some details from the newborn shoot with Michelle.

Our little girl Alessia arrived earlier than expected (and while Michelle was vacationing in Italy) so the idea of a few-day-old-shoot turned into more like a few-week-old-shoot. I was hesitant wondering if Alessia wouldn’t be as easy to put into those priceless, mushy poses that make you want to jump through a photograph and squeeze the baby (yea, you know those!) Michelle assured me that she’d make it work. She sure did.

Michelle photographed our little one when she was a few weeks old. Within minutes, she transformed my teensy apartment into a photo studio and baby Alessia was the center of attention. Lights, camera, action – we were ready to go. Michelle was super patient and very creative with trying different poses, outfits and lighting. We moved from the living room to the nursery and back again and Michelle captured some great pictures of our little angel.

Obviously the maternity shoot was very different than shooting with my newborn, but what stayed the same was Michelle’s professionalism, creativity and patience. She made me and Alessia feel so comfortable and my husband and I were so excited to see the final results and create Alessia’s birth announcement. Here are some pics from the shoot. And yes…you’ll notice Michelle got some priceless, mushy poses just like we had wanted. Thanks again Michelle!



Connect with Michelle Villalba Photography for your next photoshoot –


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special delivery.

Guess what?! I am proud to announce that our little angel had arrived earlier than expected and Mr. Why Knot and I have been filling our days with spending each and every possible second with her! Now for a mommy time out and a blog post update – here’s some pictures and a quick recap of the day that changed our lives forever.

Monday, August 12, 2013 ~ White Plains Hospital

3:43PM – 5lbs, 7oz. – 17in.

Alessia Rayne


Our first ‘family’ moments:


Our special delivery was made by an exceptional team of surgeons, doctors, nurses and staff who were able to safely deliver our daughter within just minutes following a few decelerations of her heart. While I was in mild contractions and being monitored at a routine doctor’s visit, her heart rate was dropping (which was because she was sitting on her cord.) I was transferred to the hospital immediately and monitored once again. In time, her heart decelerated a second time. The safest way to deliver her was to do an emergency c-section as soon as possible. Being hooked up to the monitor during the time of her decelerations was her way (and God’s way) of saying ‘Hey! Get me out of here! Something is going on!”

Our precious little angel was delivered shortly thereafter and is our greatest gift. A true angel baby who needed to cause some commotion to get her point across (oh jeez, she is already like her mommy!) Mr. Why Knot and I are adjusting to parenthood and enjoying our moments with her every minute we can. She is a blessing and I will be sure to post pictures and some stories of the teachable mommy moments on the blog. Stay tuned! This is just the beginning.

(…And for all of the brides out there – no worries! There are plenty of hot, new, wedding blog posts getting posted up soon!)

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feature friday: just desserts by jess.

TGIF! Hope you are braving this brutal heatwave! For this feature friday, the spotlight is on a super sweet custom dessert company, Just Desserts by Jess. So relax in that AC and read on to find out more about this delicious company! (PS- this is the same company who made my custom baby shower cake -see below for a pic! It was picture perfect and scrumptious too!)
Company Name- Just Desserts by Jess
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‘cheap’ date.

Going on a date doesn’t need to break the bank. There are plenty of things to do in each of your neighborhoods that cost little or nothing and can turn a boring ‘what to you want to do’ day into something much more exciting (and doesn’t include racking up another huge expense!)


Local Concert (many are nearly free!) – Amateur Comedy Club – Sight-See in your Nearest City – Volunteer – Attend an Art Gallery – Minor League Baseball Game – Go for Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt – Go to a Neighborhood Fair – Trivia Night at your Local Bar – Try a New Ethnic Restaurant – Go for a Hike – Make a Picnic – Board Game Night at Your Place – Go for a Walk in a Nearby Neighborhood – Visit your Local Park – Make Breakfast for Dinner – Paint Together – Purchase Discounted Tickets for Broadway Shows in NYC at the TKTS Booth on Broadway (some may be up to 50% off or more!) – Blast the Music and have a Dance Off – Visit a Local Farmer’s Market – Check out your County’s Website for Upcoming Free Events – Visit your Local Library and Rent a Movie (for as little as a dollar!) – Play Wii or Playstation – Make Your Own Pizza Night – Visit your Local Pool – Check out a Second Hand Store – Ice Skating – Go See a Local Game/Sport – Grab a Camera and Take Some Pics on Your Day-cation – Go Rock Climbing at an Indoor Center – Go for a Walk with your Pets – Fondue! – Feed Ducks or Birds at a Local Lake – Drive Around and Attend an Open House (costs nothing and you get some great renovation ideas) – Try Out a Dance Class (many first times are free!) – Go Bike Riding – Go-Kart Racing – Clean! (I mean this is a last resort, but so much better when two people are working together!)



Here are just a few to get your list started. Feeling adventurous? Keep your eyes peeled for a ‘cheap’ date night giveaway this week! It will be posted to our facebook page. You won’t want to miss it! Two pairs of gift certificates for a super-fun date place will be given away to two lucky couples (in the Westchester area or those willing to travel.) Stay tuned! Why knot?!

As always remember – it’s not what you are doing but who you are doing it with that makes all the difference. That, ladies, is priceless.

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mrs. why knot – a mama to be!

This is by far, my most exciting announcement to make on the blog – my Mr. and I are expecting a baby this summer! We are through the moon happy and cannot wait to meet our miracle and begin our family. It is such an unbelievable feeling to know that in just a matter of months, we will have our hearts filled with the love of our precious little one!

Heard it here first! (5) secrets of Mrs. Why Knot as a mama to be:

-It’s…A…____! You may think it’s more ‘fun’ to be surprised but my Mr. & I are finding out what we’re having! Boy/girl no real preference but we can’t wait for the anatomy scan (T-one month or so)!

-Tummy troubles? Thankfully, I haven’t had morning sickness just some bouts of nausea (I love you, Tums!)

-Sleepless in NY. Many of my friends say sleeping while pregnant was the best sleep they ever had. I spend more hours tossing and turning that before I know it, my alarm is going off (again!) Hey, maybe it’s just prepping me for being a mom!

-Savin a Cravin’! No real cravings for me as of now and sometimes I find that as soon a I start eating I get so full so fast. I will say, if I do choose to indulge in something, it has been sweet over salty as of now!

-Love notes! Stemming from my passion for writing, I already started a journal for my little one to be. I log info from my appointments, feelings I am having, little notes or cards I have gotten and the scoop on how we told our friends/family (and now my blog readers too!)

Continue to check out my blog for some updated posts on me as a mama to be! And rest assure –  the original idea of Mrs. Why Knot as wedding blog isn’t going anywhere! It is here to stay. Promise!

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